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Kay Nakayama



Tokyo-born Kay studied Art and Design at Tama Art University. During that time he performed contemporary art using early computer graphics and live music in Tokyo clubs.


In 1992 his solo debut release 'Laura Palmer’s Theme' as SOMETHING WONDERFUL produced by Haruomi Hosono who is a member of YMO[Yellow Magic Orchestra]. Kay has been active alongside major artists, as a producer, composer, and DJ both nationally and internationally. This has established his unique sound that is a mixture of ambient and dance music. Kay is the pioneer in the Chillout music scene in Japan.


In 1996 he started his own record label CHILLSCAPE ART & MUSIC. His original tracks were licensed and released by many labels of the world such as Matsuri Production[UK], Return To The Source[UK], Poker Flat[German], Istar[Italy], Virgin[France] and more.


In 2000 he formed the project INTELLIGENT JAZZ with the Drummer Akira Jimbo aka Casiopea. It is based on a new jazz spirit with an experiment of real jazz and electronic sounds. Guesting with jazz legends: Bob James, Terumasa Hino, Kazumi Watanabe, Toshinori Kondo and more.


In 2003 his music was used in the Jeremy Wooding film 'Bollywood Queen'[UK]. starling Preeya Kalidas and James McAvoy.

This film was a British/Indian take on the William Shakespeare play 'Romeo and Juliet'.


In 2013, he joined the well-known contemporary glass art project 'Glasstress' in Venezia, Italy as a music performer.


He became the resident DJ at 'Sky Lounge' of Red Bull Air Race events offering his latest lounge style chillout mixes to the VIP.


In the Sony PlayStation 4 game 'Gran Turismo Sport' which sold over five million copies has incorporated many of Kay's original tracks including 'Glasstress' in collaboration with Cathy Battistessa[Cafe Del Mar].


1992年、細野晴臣プロデュースによるミニアルバム(アルファ・レコード)をSomething Wonderful名義でリリースしソロ・デビュー。

2000年に神保彰(Ds)とIntelligent Jazzを結成。4枚のアルバムを制作。日野皓正、ボブ・ジェイムス、渡辺香津美、近藤等則らをゲストにライブを繰り返す。

今までにコラボレイトしたミュージシャンは、細野晴臣、グラハム・マッシー(808State)、キャシー・バティステッサ(Cafe Del Mar)、Jimpster、高橋幸宏、サンディー、小林克也、甲田益也子、ミックスマスター・モーリス、ビル・ラズウェル、デリック・メイ、System7、YMO、大蔵庄之助(能)…etc.と幅広く、ジャンルの枠を超えた活動を行っている。


2014年よりRed Bull Air Race ChibaのVIPラウンジ”Sky Lounge”でDJを担当。

2017年、Playstation4 “Gran Turismo Sport”に楽曲提供。

2018年、オランダのSkypeopleから”Together ep”、”Again ep”をリリース。

2019年、Chillscape Art & Music よりソロアルバム”A Journey of Something Wonderful”をリリース。

2021年、Khoros Lab/UKのコンピレーションアルバム"Stimuli For Hypothalamus"に楽曲提供。​

Sandiiとプロジェクトを結成。現在、大野雄二、P.J. 他を迎えてアルバムを制作中。

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