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Kay Nakayama New Album

"A Journey of Something Wonderful"

Now on Bandcamp!


Chillscape Art & Music released “A Journey of Something Wonderful" by Kay Nakayama[aka Intelligent Jazz, Something Wonderful].

Kay is one of pioneers in the Japanese Chillout scene. He has produced many of the sound trucks for the PlayStation 4 / Gran Turismo Sport, a driving simulation video game which was sold over five million copies in the world. The  concept of this album is a virtual trip with a smooth Chillout sound and the recording has taken place both in Japan and Europe. The album includes a new edition of "Body and Mind" which was originally produced for the sound truck for Grand Turismo Sport. 

The art work of this album was created by a Russian artist Olga Feshina whose painting is currently on display in Google Museum in New York.

Kay is also a resident DJ for Red bull Air Race Chiba's VIP lounge. 

世界で500万人以上のプレイヤーを持つドライビングシミュレイションゲームPlayStation 4 / Gran Turismo Sportに楽曲提供し、Red Bull Air Race ChibaのVIP ラウンジでレジデントDJを務める、日本におけるチルアウト・シーンのパイオニア、ケイ・ナカヤマ[aka Intelligent Jazz, Something Wonderful]のニューアルバム “A Journey of Something Wonderful” が完成。Chillscape Art & Musicよりリリースされた。

ヴァーチャルトリップをコンセプトに日本とヨーロッパで制作された心地よい極上のチルアウトミュージック。Gran Turismo Sportに使用された”Body and Mind”のニューバージョン収録。

アートワークはNY在住のロシア人女性アーティストOlga Feshinaが担当。

guest musicians:

Saki & Jody Tenku

from The Factors


Sound Engineer : Takashi Watanabe

Artwork : Olga Feshina   Design : Koji Eno

[P]&[C] Chillscape Art & Music 2019

Chillout 4 Your Mind...

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