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Thursday,2nd May at On Air East* Azumaya,Shibuya,Tokyo

Kay Nakayama will djin' in

"Solstice Music Party". 

special guests : Shpongle

& Mixmaster Morris.

thank you!



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Sandii &
Kay Nakayama
new video





Κhôros Lab sublabel of Κhôros records presents the Stimuli for Hypothalamus v/a.

The v/a “Stimuli for Hypothalamus” is an experimental electronica unique soundtrack from Greek and International artists.

The compilation is mixed and arranged by the Greek ambient duo A.I.A. Thirteen electronic tracks with different perspectives aiming to stimuli hypothalamus. Stimuli is a thing or event that evokes a specific functional reaction in an organ or tissue. Hypothalamus is a part of brain that has vital role in controlling many bodily functions.



Kay Nakayama (JP), Chlorophil Djinn (USA), Lars Leonhard (GE), Naturelement (GR), Deep in mind (GR), One Arc Degree (GR), Ambient Intelligent Application–A.I.A (GR), Cue 'n Loop (GR), Van Morph (UK), Sect Hypnosis (GR), CtLtc Re.Forming (UK), Ijon Muça (CHL).


Format: Digital & Ltd Compact disc

Catalogue: KHR036


release date: October 30, 2021 

(Bandcamp & Formaviva)

November 19, 2021 in all major digital music stores


Kay Nakayama Latest Album

"A Journey of Something Wonderful"

Now on Bandcamp,spotify,apple music & more.

Chillscape Art & Music released “A Journey of Something Wonderful" by Kay Nakayama[aka Intelligent Jazz, Something Wonderful].

Kay is one of pioneers in the Japanese Chillout scene. He has produced many of the sound trucks for the PlayStation 4 / Gran Turismo Sport, a driving simulation video game which was sold over five million copies in the world. The  concept of this album is a virtual trip with a smooth Chillout sound and the recording has taken place both in Japan and Europe. The album includes a new edition of "Body and Mind" which was originally produced for the sound truck for Grand Turismo Sport. 

The art work of this album was created by artist Olga Feshina whose painting is currently on display in Google Museum in New York.

Kay is also a resident DJ for Red bull Air Race Chiba's VIP lounge. 

世界で500万人以上のプレイヤーを持つドライビングシミュレイションゲームPlayStation 4 / Gran Turismo Sportに楽曲提供し、Red Bull Air Race ChibaのVIP ラウンジでレジデントDJを務める、日本におけるチルアウト・シーンのパイオニア、ケイ・ナカヤマ[aka Intelligent Jazz, Something Wonderful]のニューアルバム “A Journey of Something Wonderful” が完成。Chillscape Art & Musicよりリリースされた。

ヴァーチャルトリップをコンセプトに日本とヨーロッパで制作された心地よい極上のチルアウトミュージック。Gran Turismo Sportに使用された”Body and Mind”のニューバージョン収録。

アートワークはNYの女性アーティストOlga Feshinaが担当。

Support Musicians:

Saki & Jody Tenku

from The Factors


Sound Engineer : Takashi Watanabe

Artwork : Olga Feshina   Design : Koji Eno

[P]&[C] Chillscape Art & Music 2019

Chillout 4 Your Mind...

thank you!

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